How to apply for Mizoram Ration Card? Eligibility & Application

How to get Mizoram Ration Card – India is a developing country with a population of 130 crores. The government continues to run schemes for the better living of 130 crore people. And when we mention the schemes of the government, the name of the ration card scheme comes first because under this scheme a card is issued by the state government, according to which the cardholder will get fewer food items like wheat, rice, sugar, etc. Rates are provided.

Ration cards are issued mainly to the poor families of the state, whose economic condition is weak. And they do not have any special means of income. Ration card scheme is being operated by all the state governments of the country. So that the poor families of their state can live their lives in a good way.

Mizoram Ration Card Online Apply

The government of Mizoram could benefit the poor citizens of the state. For this, the process of making ration cards has started. So if you are also a resident of Mizoram and have not yet got a ration card. So today our article can prove useful for you because below we have shared the complete information about making the Mizoram ration card in this article. By adopting this, you can easily get this important document.

What is Mizoram Ration Card?

How to apply for Mizoram Ration Card? Eligibility & Application

The Mizoram Ration Card is a government document issued by the Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumers. Which is mainly released to such poor families of the state. Those who are living their lives in the poverty line and have no other source of income other than to work as laborers.

The main objective of the Mizoram government to issue this card is to provide food items such as wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, etc. to the poor families from the Department of Food Logistics at affordable prices. So that all the poor families of the state can take care of themselves well.

Types Of Mizoram Ration Card

Like all other states of the country, the Mizoram government issues 3 types of different ration cards for the citizens of its state. Which are mainly related to the annual income of the family? Information about the type of ration card and the ration received on them is as follows –

BPL Ration Card –

BPL ration card which is pink in color. And it is issued to the families living in the poverty line of the state. And according to this card, wheat, rice, sugar, etc. are made available to the cardholder family at a discounted rate of 25 kg per month from a cheap Government shop.

Annapurna Ration Cards

These Cards follow the same procedure for fresh application as in APL Ration Cards. However, they can only FPSs. They are only issued to citizens above 65 years of age who are not covered by the National Social Assistance Program and have no other means of dignified sustenance.

BPL/AAY Ration Cards BPL & AAY Ration Cards are not transferable upon migration however at the new place of residence APL Ration Cards are issued in lieu of APL/AAY Ration Cards. The applications are also to be accompanied by a Migration Certificate issued by the concerned DCSO of the original place of residence.

APL Ration Card

APL Ration Card can be made by any citizen of the state. The government has not determined any eligibility for this. Because this card is mainly issued for family identification.

Benefits of Mizoram ration card

Mizoram Ration Card is a government document that has various benefits. The following points can be read about some benefits –

  • With the help of this card, you can buy wheat, rice, sugar, etc. on subsidy from the Cheap Galla shop located in the area of the food logistics department.
  • It can be used for identification cards.
  • Government documents like caste certificate, residence certificate, driving license can be used to make it.
  • A family member can use it to open his bank account.

Documents required to get Mizoram Ration Card –

For making Mizoram ration card, the government has prescribed some important documents, which are given below –

  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Permanent residence certificate
  • 2 passport photos
  • Electricity bill receipt
  • If you want to include eligible family members, then their Aadhaar number
  • Bank statement
  • mobile number

How to apply for Mizoram Ration Card?

In order to take advantage of the ongoing schemes in the state, it is necessary to have a ration document which is most important for the people of the state. Because now the government runs all its schemes for the card holding families along with providing food items at a cheaper price from the public distribution system. So now, if you have not yet made this card, then according to the information given below, you must apply for your ration card and get it.

  • First of all, to get Mizoram Ration Card, you have to take all your necessary documents and go to the office of the Food and Logistics Department of the district.
  • From the office, you have to take the Mizoram Ration Card application form from the concerned employee.
  • Now you have to check the form correctly once by filling the information asked in the form like- Name of the applicant, Permanent address of the applicant, Aadhar card number, Bank account details, Mobile number, etc.
  • After filling the form, you have to attach a photocopy of some of the required documents in the form and submit the form to the office.
  • In this way, your ration card will be applied and after a few days, your ration card will be created. Which you will be able to get from the cheap food shop of the existing food logistics department of your area.

Note –

Ration Cards under the TPDS are issued as per entitlements with an application fee of Rs. 10. Entries of the head of household along with names of all the members and then age are entered. Application forms are submitted to the concerned DCSOs supported by documentary proof of residence accompanied by a recommendation from the concerned Village Council/Local Council.

To avoid duplicity checks are made and a unique number is allotted to the card which is delivered to the applicant through the concerned Village Council/Local Council. The ration cards thus issued are color-coded Blue for APL, Yellow for BPL and Pink for AAY

Application for Modification in Mizoram Ration Card – Addition/Deletion from a Ration Card

Addition to a Ration Card in case of migration is effected when the applicant applies for deletion to the concerned DCSO under whose authority the original Ration Card was issued. Upon deletion, the applicant obtains a “Migration Certificate” enabling the beneficiary to be added or issued a new Ration Card at the new location. The application is applied for to the concerned DCSO of the new location dulu endorsed by the concerned Village Council/Local Council. In the case of an application for addition in the case of newborns, applications have to be accompanied by a Birth Certificate. It is the duty of the citizen to make timely reports with regards to death and permanent migration of PDS beneficiaries enrolled in the ration cards.

Form for Application of Modification in Ration card can be downloaded here – Ration-Card-Modification-Form-Mizoram-State download

How to Check your name in Mizoram Ration Card List 2024?

The Mizoram government has released the list on its official website Mizoram Ration Card List 2024, the Department of Food Logistics. Now your name in it, or not. To know this, you follow our steps given below. By following us, you can easily see the list of Mizoram 2024 Ration Card List, so let’s know-

  • If you want to see the Mizoram Ration Card List 2024, then, first of all, you have to go to the official website of the Mizoram Food Logistics Department You can also go direct by clicking here.


  • As soon as you visit this site, you will get a list of DSCO. From where you have to click in front of your area DSCO. You have to click here in front of your area DSCO. The screenshots we have given below are just for you to explain.
  • Now here you will get the list of all villages of DSCO. Where you have to select your village and click in front of it.
  • Next here you will have FPS open. You have to click on it.


  • Now here you will find the ration card list. Where you will find some options like application name, holder, father name and card type. So you have to click on it by looking at your card and your name here.


  • Now here the complete details of your ration card will come out, you can easily see it. How many family members are named in your Mizoram Ration Card List 2024?

The conclusion

Today, in this article, we have told you the complete information about making Mizoram Ration Card, an important document to be released by the State Food and Civil Supplies Department.

We hope that by adopting the information given in our article, you will have applied for your new Mizoram ration card. Tell us how you liked the information given in the article. And if you have any questions related to this article, then you can also ask for it by commenting.

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